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The Red Temple


A tourist bus sets off for Pokhara, a small lake-side resort in Nepal, but the passengers inside are not what they seem. Little do they realize that in under a week, four of them will be dead. Drug smugglers, Tibetan freedom fighters and undercover agents conspire to thwart one another's plans.

There are mysterious things going on beneath Pokhara's apparently calm surface. An overweight hippie dies from a drug overdose; the ruthless Jacques will stop at nothing to get what he wants - even murder. The bastard Karma has regained a father. Can he regain his homeland ? Too much sex can be exhilarating, as Lazlo and beautiful Thuli discover one night, perched on the edge of a dam.

This novel gives a fascinating insight into Nepal in the 70's, when Freak Street was in its heyday, hash smoke billowed from every cheap hotel and no one slept with the same partner twice. This is an exhilarating action packed thriller - a fast-moving romp from bed to mortuary.

ISBN 81-7303-036-7

Published by: Pilgrims Book House

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