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Over the Mountains


The Nepalese living, as they do on the high mountain ranges, the middle hills or in the valleys, had, during the course of the centuries, to go over the mountains. Being also a landlocked country, it meant that the people had great hardships to contend with. The initial one was of course to eke out a living from the mountainsides. This being of limited scope, it meant too, that Nepalese by and large, had to go to foreign lands to work as mercenaries and waged labour. During the course of these travels, the lot of the Nepalis who had left their homelands was to be one of the lahures, sahus, bahadurs, kanchas or kanchis.

This is a story of migration, of peoples on the move either fleeing from marauders or in search of sustenance. It is a tale of poor mountain people, unable to eke out a living on that part of the earth where they were born and are destined to live.

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